The idea behind EX-NVMIS®

In the last few years, there have been increasing laws and regulations on the trading and collecting of Ancient coins worldwide. New Import restrictions in the United States of America and new laws in preparation in Germany are only a small part of them. Syrian and Iraqi wars have reinforced concerns regarding the trading of looted antiquities used to finance terrorist activities. In other words, the future for collecting and trading with Ancient coins does not look very bright.

In this context, Provenance has reached a very important position, as it can be seen as a solution for collectors, numismatic dealers and auction houses to comply with these laws and a way of continuing to pursue and enjoy this century’s long tradition and passion of Numismatics.

Many Ancient coins on the numismatic market do not have any know Provenance. However, this does not mean that they all are of illegal origin. Most of they might just have lost their Provenance over time. Until now, the research for these lost Provenances had been a challenging and time consuming task reserved to high value Ancient coins. Thanks to Ex-Numis®, this task becomes easy and quick.

EX-NVMIS® unique database & Digital image recognition system

The strength of Ex-Numis® is based on the unique association of an exceptional numismatic database and new technologies of Digital image recognition.

Thanks to this Digital image recognition system, we can hunt quickly and efficiently for a lost Provenance within almost one million records of Ancient coins (Greek, Roman, Byzantine & Celtics) sold through auctions from the end of the 19th century to the begin of the 2000's (before coinarchives & ACsearch).

Our database (built up over many years) represents a library of thousands of auction catalogues from every parts of the world.

Ars Classica S.A, Adolph Hess Nachf., Dr. Jacob Hirsch, Otto Helbing, Münzen & Medaillen AG, Münzhandlung Basel, Sally Rosenberg, Felix Schlessinger, Adolph Hess AG & Bank Leu AG, Numismatica Ars Classica, Auctiones AG, Frank Sternberg AG, P& P. Santamaria, Schweizerischer Bankverein, Spink Taisei Numismatics Ltd, Glendining & Co. LTD, Rodolfo Ratto, Rolin & Feuardent and many more.